Regulation 7

UK Building Regulations Regulation 7 – Materials and Workmanship

The two most essential components to achieve the desired quality of buildings are the materials used and workmanship. And if you are to build your own house, then you must conform to the standards of buildings as regulated by the UK authorities. These regulations are crafted in order to guarantee the quality and safety of the buildings vis a vis the people occupying them.

With dictates as to materials used and workmanship, does this mean the individuality of craftsmen is being limited? The regulation is still broadly made that they still have the freedom to express their creativity and workmanship at their own style, provided that specifics are strictly adhered. And at the end of the day, it all boils down to the quality of the building to ensure the health and safety of the people dwelling and the community around it.

With Adequate and Proper Materials

When life has been too difficult and prices all seem to go up, the strength and the robustness of the building you are constructing should not be compromised. Thus, the use of substandard materials is highly discouraged. The regulation mandates the proper use of a set of materials for any given project should be utilized. It is therefore imperative that you should establish the fitness of the material to be used according to several factors to ensure the suitability of it for use for a specific purpose and conditions.  And how do you evaluate the appropriateness of the materials as per adhering to the regulation? You may check with British Standard, through other national or international technical specs, approval by a European Technical Approvals issuing body, or perhaps most simply, the presence of the CE marking on the materials which carries the presumption of meeting relevant requirements or set standards.

In a Workmanlike Manner

Building a structure goes way beyond putting the right materials together. It is the way by which the workers were able to come up with a building with such craftsmanship and quality. How do you gauge if you have conformed well enough to the building regulation? Although you may seem to think that judging a product if it was done in a workmanlike manner is too subjective, the regulation has developed parameters to establish the adequacy of workmanship of the building to objectively assess it, as such: prevailing standards, technical approvals, management systems, past experience and the conduct of tests. With standards to compare as these, you are sure to judge if the method of workmanship is capable of performing the function for which it is intended.

To point out more broadly, this regulation on the workmanship of the building summarizes how the planning and execution of other part of the regulations were carried out. Always be conscious of the standard when undergoing the project. Being consistent as to compliance of the policies and guidelines named previously in the building regulations, would ultimately suggest how the workmanship and quality of the building is done.

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